Our litigation practice provides our clients with a sophisticated team to meet our clients’ goals.  We have many years experience in litigations involving patent, trade secret, trademark, copyright, and many other types of litigation.  We have helped our clients enjoy tremendous successes through the turbulent times of litigation.

Jones IP’s attorneys have the experience and know how to create and implement successful strategies for our clients’ needs.  Our deep engagement with the technical and business realities of our client’s circumstances is one key to our common successes.

Representative Cases:

Medical Dental Advanced Technologies Group, LLC v. Technology4Medicine, LLC and Lares Research, Inc., US District Court Arizona

Ventronics Systems, LLC v. Draeger Medical GmbH et al., US District Courts of Eastern District Texas and Delaware

John McGrath v. Datex Omeda, Inc. et al., US District Court Delaware

Medical Monitoring and Paging, LLC v. General Electric Company, et al., US District Court Southern District Texas

Aeroscout, Inc. v. Savi Technology, Inc., US District Court Northern District California

Morris Reese v. Samsung Telecommunications America, L.P., et al., US District Court Eastern District Texas

Diodem, LLC v. Lumenis, Inc., et al., US District Court Central District California